A First Project

Dear Locus Members,

I’d like to start a project that promotes education about the means and methods of digital capitalism. Ideally, this project will dovetail with the book we’re reading. I have a couple of ideas (a few of which were inspired by someone else). Please propose your ideas and/or comment on the ideas below:

  1. A visualisation of the ways in which tech libertarians throw money to advance their goals. That money could take the form of electoral candidate donations; it could take the form of funding news outlets. This is basically a visualisation for “Dark Money” in tech. We’d need to assemble data and determine the viability of such a project before beginning it.
  2. A browser plugin that builds off the above idea. This plugin would be like shinigami eyes except that it would spotlight whether particular websites and entities (Google, Duck Duck Go, Nvidia etc.) behave according to some standard of ethics.
  3. Comics that concentrate on particular individuals in tech and their evil doings.

What ideas do you have? :slight_smile:

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I like this one, I would also suggest that we could do the early work of creating a part of the site where people can look up individual projects scored like on: https://tosdr.org/ and then build the extension part for it further down the line. The data would have to be structured so it could easily slot in, but it could be a useful resource.

We could also take inspiration from: https://web3isgoinggreat.com/ and offer up a timeline of decline in tech, even for one single company i.e. Twitter.

I’ll keep on thinking with this. My gut says that the best tools are educational, accessible, and open, i.e. leverage a repo that people can contribute to so that the work gets spread out.

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Given our presently low human-power, it seems the most sensible (and achievable) goal may be to develop the TWT session outlined below (or something like it):

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i had idea of a computer game tho. A combination of a logic game, rpg, visual novel and maybe even sometimes to switch wievs to either 3d or platformer. Stories between being good to others, free/opensource, lgbtqia+ things, etc… maybe even to put cooking recipes in between…
Just that it’d take too much time from me and im alone person. Close enough.

hilariously enough, since the above conversation we’ve ended up with a game submission for Games Transformed but it is very much a board game rather than a computer game. I have very little experience with coding up anything like the mentioned one, but it would, I’m sure, be a fun project it this wasn’t true.

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i had idea but as i said - im too noobish and because i think i might not finish im not gonna take work from any people. i dont want to use there ai so im stuck xD. i too that project too much personally…

like here i putted ideas for that : Riseup Pad i wish i could do it xD . darned “skill issue”…