Contra Chrome - an anti digital capitallism comic

Contra Chrome is a webcomic by the same artist who did the original Chrome comic. It goes into detail about the threat posed to democracy and personal agency that is represented by Chrome, Google and big tech general. It’s also a good place to get a brief overview of Surveillance Capitalism.

If you want quick overview, or an easy way to educate others it’s a pretty good resource. Use it as a way to begin discussions. Or have ones on this topic!


Wow. I often oppose Google, but this made even me sick to my stomach. I’ll definitely be utilising this resource, so thank you very much for sharing!


Like reading the book on Surveillance Capitalism, quite a lot of the information might not be a surprise. However the net affect of piecing it all together is pretty stomach churning :upside_down_face:


This sums up exactly my experience reading it!