Eloon's Boon To Mastodon

It’s been really interesting to watch the meteoric increase in user registrations over on the Mastodon network after the chaotic past couple of weeks with the blue bird app.

Lots of new users, lots of people introducing themselves and their interests. Since there was an external event that happened, there’s a large wave moving at once, and so there’s a sort of excitement from a bunch of people exploring something at the same time.

No ads! It works pretty well! People seem to be nice (at least in the subset of the network that I’ve been exploring, namely the climate justice - oriented areas).

Anyone noticed this from your experience too? Anyone tried other Twitter alternatives like Tribel?



Hey :wave: This to me is very healthy. I’ve been on Mastodon for a long old time and I think @Gaffen probably more. So-called social media platforms are tools, and with any tool you have to ask what does it do and who does it do it for?

Hopefully this energy continues and motivates more people to seek spaces that are transparent about their methods and motives. Elon has kind of gifted us a moment, likely unintentionally, where questions of ownership are being asked… the world’s richest guy just bought a well-known message amplification platform, a more naked kind of big money media control than we’ve seen before.

I once again am asking myself if maybe Elon is some kind of federation/decentralisation accelerationist :rofl:

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As @PrivacyDingus mentione I’ve been on the fediverse for a good while and I think the recent developments are great. (Just this morning I discovered that Stephen Fry has joined us).

I think a bunch of the advantages have already been discussed here so I won’t retreat old ground just yet. I will mention that I find the community really welcoming and enjoyable, and that it takes work to get into. It’s not like other services that try to get you ‘hooked’. It won’t remind you to come back.

On the note of other services, I think the biggest issue is a lot of people are trying to make ‘new twitter’. Another monolithic website run by a single body. I think this creates a new version of the same problem, as I don’t think that the owner of the property is the issue. The true issue is that the design of most social media services are geared to bind you and your friend groups into a single service, keeping each other hostage. To speak plainly I’d like to see all social media services adopt activitypub, or something like it.

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