Governing the Discourse

This is a work in progress. I have no idea how this discourse should be governed. I believe that there is an ideal end state, however:

  • The operational work required to maintain this discourse (e.g. server, CDN) is open sourced, so that others can see previous changes and propose future ones.
  • Highly trusted users – highly vetted by the community – have the ability to enact playbooks (think of ansible) that enact operational changes.
  • A map from decision problems to decision protocols exists. By decision problem, I refer to the issue of making a choice about some aspect of the forum (layouts, organisation, governance itself etc.). By decision protocol, I mean a methodology for solving a given problem.
  • Some defined structure for ownership of areas of the forum:
    • If the forum uses representative democracy, then we ensure that the representatives are accountable and recall-able.
    • If the forum uses sociocracy or some hands-on means of governance (by hands-on, I mean that users are actively involved in making decisions)
  • Preemptive measures that guard against adversarial forces (e.g. Google HR joining this forum and trolling around).

Any thoughts as to whether these end states are desirable and how we can achieve some of them?

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