Our Shiny New Robot King - Sophie From Mars on AI and Capitalism

Sophie From Mars has made her video take on the longstanding effects of AI. Some interesting points contained and it feels very much like she’s read Resisting AI in her research for it.

Of particular interest is her linking of the production of an ‘AGI’ to eugenics (creating a ‘life’ with specific purpose to fulfil means pre-selecting for a very specific kind of consciousness).

She also draws a clear line between AI automation and worker suppression (In a capitalist society, automation serves to devalue human labor).

I thought other members of the group might find it of interest :slight_smile:

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Hilariously enough, because of a weird gremlin in Kodi, I ended up this weekend watching both:


instead of this, but it’s on my list; the first of these two is a pretty sizeable must watch from me, but the second is more relevant to this forum. I’ve got it on my list so I will be checking it out. Also Sophie has a podcast called Red Planet which is great, and they recently hosted maia arson crimew, who I think @Gaffen in particular would enjoy listening to.

I would agree with the “must watch”, it’s a good tonic to climate doomerism. Made me want to grow mushrooms :laughing:

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I have before but they were [REDACTED] so we can keep that one to the e2es. Got up to the end of WIZARDS, the first chapter break and I absolutely hate this LARPing, even worse with Gates calling himself a Minor Wizard, kill me.

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