Reading Group Meeting on Thursday!

Reading Group meeting #5 takes place at 7:00pm BST on Thursday, February 16th. It will last 45 minutes and cover chapter 5.

The link below leads to the video link for meeting 5:

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Apologies (for my monthly meeting apologies!) I’m working a lot of weeknights at the moment, but this calms down way more in the late spring/summer.

Another apology from me here if this wasn’t the place to post this comment :laughing:

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Oh that’s okay. No pressure to come at all :slight_smile:

We’ll see you soon!

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You will be missed @MediaActivist but no doubt we’ll see you soon.

I believe I am to chair, and if so:

  1. “the smallness and slowness of the early web also lent it a certain charm. It remained a very personal place. People excited to be there, despite there being relatively little for them to do. They made homepages simply to say hello, to post pictures of their pets, to share their enthusiasm for Star Trek. They wanted to connect.”

If you were a part of this nascent stage of the web, do you consider this to be a true-to-life or romanticised vision? If you came to it later, how does this description differ from the web that you first interacted with?

  1. Tarnoff mentions the dot com bubble and talks of Venture Capital’s involvement in inflating it. Given we’ve recently been through two consecutive VC-fuelled hype cycles (crypto/NFTs and Web3) and we are currently at the start of another (generative AI) how much of what you see as problematic about the web hinges upon the involvement of companies like USV and a16z? Do you have any ideas about how they could be stopped if so?