The Quiet Political Rise of David Sacks

Silicon Valley’s Prophet of Urban Doom
Like his pals Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, Sacks is using his wealth and online clout to unite conservatives and former leftists in a reactionary movement against liberalism.

I would very much recommend a read of this, which I came to through Paris Marx’s Newsletter, The Hammer.

In this current moment, it is important to understand the personalities who exist behind What Is Going On In Technology as well as the actual way in which it is being applied. Make no mistake, the beliefs held by this small group of aggrieved ultra-wealthy individuals will become more and more important to have counterpoints to in the coming years.

I think a network map along the lines of what was proposed in the last reading group would be very useful here. The map could show how the tech libertarians support each others’ libertarian (some claim to be populist) visions.

Perhaps obviously, the acquisition of Twitter by Musk will probably advance their libertarian-ism.

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I find this to be for sure part of the issue, especially with Sacks; it’s a deeply-held belief that the ideology that they have in their heads is something which a lot of people believe, but the powers that be (which they don’t consider themselves to be a part of, haha) are stopping this populist revolution.

Yes, I was going to say this as a reference to (Online Tools - Light Patterns) but given the fact that Elon is becoming more and more a factor in the discourse, more than he was before, I believe this would be a good way of both illustrating something to people, and bringing more awareness to locus itself.