Welcome to the locus Discourse

We are a network that aims to create a positive culture of resistance to Digital Capitalism through education and collective action.

Digital Capitalism refers to the ways in which digital technologies help to embed and further capitalism’s structures, practices, and power within society. As capitalism has gained new tools and adapted to a networked world, so too must we.

This space is a welcome one to people from all backgrounds, viewpoints, and disciplines. This being said, please take the Creative Commons Open Source Code of Conduct as a guide on how to conduct yourself on this forum. It will be replaced by our own in time.

You are encouraged to introduce yourself via the Introductions Thread; it’s a great way of kicking off your interactions here, but it’s not essential. Our main ongoing activity for now is our reading group which meets once a month, we encourage you to join and talk about the hidden problems of today.

--- locus