43% of those who don’t always read the terms and conditions say they are boring or difficult to understand

Here we will try and push those numbers in a different direction, even if very very slightly.

This page tells you about how you are obligated to use http://discourse.leagueofconcernedusers.org because of the checkbox you had to tick when you first logged in.

You are personally responsible for any damage, emotional, physical, financial, or otherwise that you somehow incur from using and interacting with this mish-mash of ever-changing files you encounter out here in cyberspace.

We reserve the right to show the e-door to anyone who engages in unacceptable conduct, which includes, but is not limited to: attacks based upon an aspect of an individual’s identity, harassment, spamming, pretending to be someone else, or somehow figuring out a way to use this forum to manufacture chemical weapons.

This forum is solely for the purpose of education about, and taking of action towards, Digital Capitalism. All uses of it outside of that scope will be taken down, if we so desire; especially if it is likely to get us into trouble - illegal nonsense, IP violations, scamming, malware - you get it.


You may notify locus under these terms, and send questions to locus, at locus_dc@protonmail.com.